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Grupo Cajamar, the best Spanish financial entity in management of environmental, social and governance risk

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has received the second best global rating, only behind Rabobank, out of the 378 entities included in the diversified banking sub-industry (retail banking) ranking, granted by Sustainalytics, an international benchmark in the issuance of sustainability rating reports.... (read more...)


Grupo Cajamar profit declines 61.2% after allocating €75 million to reinforce coverage for the covid-19

The first half of 2020 stands out the business perform well, with efficiency gains, a decrease in the NPL ratio and in non-performing assets and capital levels remaining at comfortable levels, both as measured by the capital adequacy ratio and by the CET1 ratio.... (read more...)


"Trust in banking is founded on consistency and coherence between words and action"

Eduardo Baamonde brought Cajamar's Annual General Assembly to a close at noon today, during which he was re-elected as chairman for another four-year term of office. Baamonde underscored the success and forward-looking vision of the corporate banking model that the bank has been the flagbearer of in Spain for four decades: "We mustn't lose sight of the fact that the banking business is based on trust and trust is only won over time, founded on consistency and coherence between words and action".... (read more...)

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