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Profile of the Entity

Cajamar Caja Rural attends the needs of any sector of the economy and population, although its activities are oriented to the financing, savings and investment needs of the economy of families, professionals and the self-employed, and small and medium businesses. As a social economy company, it dedicates more attention to local productive sectors and especially to the agricultural and food production sector.

Cajamar Caja Rural's activities are designed for the needs and demands for financing, savings and investment of its partners and clients. It carries out all types of asset, liability and service operations, including retail banking through its network of branches, corporate banking, mortgage loans, telephone and online banking, financial operations with non-residents, management of funds and property, financial leasing, insurance and other secondary products to attract resources or client financing.

The effectiveness of this commitment, along with adequate diversification, growth and expansion strategies, makes Cajamar Caja Rural an innovative, efficient and enterprising organisation applying a multichannel management model that combines state-of-the-art technology with customised service in all branches of  the Cajamar Caja Rural banking network.