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Contactless. Go contactless now!

Go contactless now!

What are contactless payment?

The contactless payment system entails carrying out transactions and making payments for purchases using a bank card (or mobile phone) that incorporates this technology, without having to physically swipe or insert the card in a card reader or ATM (*), thereby facilitating electronic transactions.

How does it work?
1. The retailer enters the amount of the transaction.
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2. To make the payment, touch your contactless card or mobile Cajamar Caja Rural to the card reader screen. The card reader will beep to confirm that it has read the card correctly*
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3. When the transaction is complete, a receipt will be printed.
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Using ATMs:

Touch your card to the contactless reader and follow the instructions on screen.

*If the amount is more than €20, you will need to enter your card PIN to validate the transaction.


  • It takes less time than conventional transactions.
  • Faster payments, mainly for amounts under €20 since you don't need to enter your PIN. You will need to enter your PIN when using an ATM.
  • It decreases card deterioration since there is no physical contact between card and reader.
  • Increased security: no one else handles your card and it's never out of your sight.
  • Easier: to make small everyday transactions (buying bread, a newspaper, coffee, etc.), since you don't need to carry cash or change.

Apply for a card

Remember, if you want to enjoy this added advantage with your current Cajamar Caja Rural debit or credit card, apply through our or through our (subject to availability of the contactless product requested).

Where can I use it?

At any retail establishment or ATM bearing the Contactless logo. In retail establishments, let the retailer know you wish to make a contactless payment. This technology is currently expanding in Spain but is already widely available in other countries.

(*) Currently available on our ATMs that bear the Contactless logo.