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Hal Cash. Instant cash without a card

Instant cash without a card

A service delivering money instantly through cashpoint machines forming part of the Hal Cash network in Spain, with no need for the beneficiary to have a card or account book.

They only need a mobile phone, where they will receive all the information they need for the transaction, and then they can press the Hal Cash button on the screen of the cashpoint machine.

The payment order can be handled through any cashpoint machine in the Hal Cash network, Telephone Banking, Electronic Banking or in your local branch. The system will assign you a password which you will have to tell the beneficiary, as the cashpoint machine will request it in order to give them the money.

Hal Cash also sends an SMS to the beneficiary, at the mobile phone number you have given, with the amount sent and a reference for the transaction.

The beneficiary must go to a or any other which is part of the Hal Cash network, type in the amount, the password, the transaction reference and their mobile phone number.

Without a card or a bank book, the cashpoint will give them their money. It's that easy!