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CDP recognizes Grupo Cajamar as one of the leading companies in climate change management

17 de Diciembre, 2020

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has obtained the Leadership category from the international organization Carbon Disclosure Projet (CDP), with an A- assessment that positions it among the leading and most advanced companies for its performance and transparency of its environmental management.

The CDP index, a world reference in the treatment of data on the carbon footprint and the management of climate change, provides institutional investors and interest groups with the information collected each year on the actions and strategies of thousands of companies around the world, so that they can evaluate their business actions aimed at mitigating climate change and determine their level of preparedness for changes in the legislation on emission reduction and market demands.

In 2020, CDP has analyzed 9,600 companies, representing 50% of the world market value, classifying them from A (most committed) to D (least committed), based on their dedication to reducing their CO2 emissions and of measuring the environmental impact of their actions.

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has been recognized for promoting and developing actions related to the challenges and opportunities associated with a low-carbon economy, especially related to the transformation of the agri-food sector, in particular with innovative programs linked to the production of more efficient and sustainable food. Likewise, the implementation of financial initiatives for the measurement and management of risks derived from climate change, its impact on the credit portfolio, as well as others oriented to transparency and management of the carbon footprint, responding to the new methodological requirements for both rating and disclosure.

In 2020 Grupo Cajamar has adhered to the manifesto for a green recovery in Spain, within the framework of the Alliance for Green Recovery, which includes the commitment to mobilize investments in order to lay the foundations for the economy’s recovery project at a global scale global more in line with the respect for the environment and social inclusion.


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