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Other transactions

  • NFC-Contactless

    Some of our cash machines are equipped with NFC technology which enables the use of contactless cards, making it possible to use the cash machine simply by holding the card up to the sticker featuring the NFC symbol. It is not necessary to insert the card in the card reader or even to remove it from your wallet, it is sufficient to hold it up for a few seconds in order to be able to perform a transaction.

  • Accessible Menu

    This is a simplified menu with a larger font size in order to make it easier to read, which is available for both cards and bank books. In order to access it you enter 1111 either from the advertising screen or once you have entered the normal menu and the menu will change to the accessible one; by entering 1111 for a second time the normal menu will return.

  • Bank book transactions At our cash machines which have bank book printing facilities you can perform several transactions, from updating the bank book to requesting a pension advance or withdrawing cash.
  • Transactions without cards or bank books It is also possible to perform some transactions without using either a card or a bank book.
    These include Hal Cash, which is an instant money delivery service that uses cash machines and does not require the beneficiary to have any kind of bank card or bank book. They just have to have a mobile telephone, on which to receive the necessary data required to perform the transaction. The payment order can be issued via Telephone Banking, Electronic Banking or at any branch.
    You can also pay bills in cash at those cash machines which can accept and dispense coins.