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Do you want to know when money is credited to or debited from your account?

Activate this service any time. You will receive instant messages on your mobile for all your account movements. And there's no need to log onto Electronic Banking.

It's Free

Service activation is free as are any messages you receive. Activate it through the website or the App in a minute.

Be Prepared

By receiving instant notifications you can be better organised, plan your spending, be prepared for bills... make the most of this!

Additional Security

You'll know if money has been taken from your account by mistake or unexpectedly. You have more time to react.

It's simple to activate:

Since this is a mobile service, you'll need to install the Cajamar App on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Open the app and press Notifications.

2. The first time you open the app it will ask you to accept Push Notifications.

3. Select the account and the specific alerts you would like to receive. You can even choose the minimum operation amount for your alerts.

Download it here
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Download APP


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